This half-day course, originally designed for Pretoria University’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), is ideal for small groups with little or no experience of dealing with the media. It’s a four- to five-hour session, depending on the number of delegates and has two parts:
Part 1 – Preparation
Why we need media training
Reporters and the media
Rules of the Snake Pit and Avoiding Snakebites
Social media

Delegates will also discover:
How to craft a message
How to make that message targeted – audible – clean – ordered – concise
How to support your message with stories, statistics and sound bites

The first part of the course will end with a session covering Interview Techniques and Pitfalls, including Transitioning, Personal Opinion, Speculation and Ambush. The session will be supported with video and illustrated examples of How Not To Do It – and of course, How To Do It Right.

Part 2 – Into the Studio
The second half of the course will give delegates the chance to put what they have just learnt into practice in front of a TV camera. They will also be briefed on studio technique, clothing, make-up, and how to handle fear. This can be done either at GIBS’ state-of-the-art TV studio, or Chris Gibbons Media Train can bring a full TV interview rig, including cameraman and lights, to your offices. We work as a team, with interviews conducted by myself but the whole group watching and contributing to feedback. This makes for a relaxing, low stress environment, which is more conducive to learning.

R8,000 per delegate, excl. VAT – minimum 4 delegates, maximum 8 delegates Hire of GIBS Studio or TV Crew to your office – R6,500.00, excl. VAT The course fees are payable not less than 14 days in advance.

Personalised, Tailored and Individual Training
One size does not always fit all: whether you’re a CEO facing a tough results presentation, a CMO prepping for a new product launch or an Executive Committee designing a Crisis Communications strategy, we can design a package specifically tailored to meet your needs. As with the basic Half-Day Course, these sessions can take place in GIBS’ fullyequipped TV studio or in the comfort and privacy of your own office or boardroom. All such training is completely confidential. (New paragraph) Fees are completely negotiable, depending on the nature and duration of the training.
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“I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. In a short space of time I was able to learn so much from you. You really are a great teacher. Before yesterday, being on camera was not something that I was comfortable with. Now, thanks to you – I will keep working at my message and practice to be a natural at interviews. And, it was loads of fun!” (Director)

“Thanks for this session. I feel much more confident in especially how I should prepare and what I need to practice. I gained a lot from watching the clips of big names doing well and poorly. I benefitted from your honest feedback” (Senior Programme Manager)

“I would like to say that it is a pleasure just having access to someone of your experience and insight.” (Lecturer)