Did it 18 months ago, Walt. What took you so long?

That’s from the same designer, I reckon!

It sprayed out through the hole in the tyre.

Black Friday, you say? How about a puncture at the airport, and the #BMW tyre sealant from their Mobility kit sprayed all down the side of my car? No #BMW doesn’t know how to remove it either. It’s like a fine coating of gritty chewing gum. That’s what I call Black Friday!

Why has no one been charged with anything? Oh, sorry, Zuma, yes. But Jooste? Gigaba? Etc., etc.

Now we know who Julius Malema is really scared of. He’s not normally so obvious. Running out of options as a new NDPP looms, perhaps? Dodgy tobacco funding starting to cause fumes inside EFF?