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Vusi Sambo @VusiSambo
The Presidential inauguration orgy by the ANC will cost us R120million.
R we really gonna pretend like it’s small change,given our economic strife?
Is it necessary,& what is its value add & significance to ordinary SAns in general & taxpayers in particular?🤷🏽‍♂️

Zero sense unless you own a coal mine or a coal mining right. In which case it’s economic survival.

But the ANC's chiefs keep telling me that socialist Venezuela and communist Cuba are the answer. Where businesses, small and large, and personal freedoms, have thrived for so many years. Or have I perhaps missed something?

Why the so-called 'evidence' against Caster is an IAAF put-up job. Outrageous, IMHO. Testosterone Ruling for Athletes Fuels Debate Over ‘Natural’ Ability via @WIRED