And Steve Kekana, Brenda Fassie (Brenda and the Big Dudes), Mara Louw, éVoid, Ella Mental and plenty more. All compliments of Radio 702 (before we became Talk Radio 702) and in aid of Operation Hunger. But above all, a massive middle finger to Die Groot Krokodil and his ilk.

January'85. Ellis Park. The sun drops after a long day of music. The biggest non-racial crowd in SA's history waits...and then erupts as #JohnnyClegg, #SiphoMchunu and #Juluka close the show. What a day, what a glimpse of our possible future at such a dark time. Tks &RIP, Johnny.

Excellent news - steady and determined hands on our monetary policy tiller.

At my local police station, a veteran warrant officer told me he spends 70% of his time certifying copies of documents. As do most of his colleagues. Well, that certainly stopped the Guptas, Steinhoff and the killers in Philippi.